Inclement Weather Protocol

In the event of inclement weather conditions (winter storms, rain storms etc), HAC will adhere to the following protocol.

  • HAC practices will run unless our facilities close or coaches cannot safely attend practice.
  • Families will be notified as soon as we are made aware of any such closures.
  • Safety is of utmost concern to us, as such we advise all families to drive according to the weather conditions in their area.  Anyone not feeling safe driving to swimming during bad weather can choose to stay home with coach understanding and support. 

Coach/Member Communication Plan

Practice Cancelled

If a facility is closed or no coach can safely attend, the following communication will occur:

  • Coaches and members will be notified and emailed through Team Unify
  • HAC will post the closure details on the Team Feed
  • HAC will post on our HAC Team Schedule page on the website.

Practice Running

If facilities are open and the coach can safely attend, the following communication will occur:

  • Members will be emailed through Team Unify and notified that their practice/meet/event will run. 
  • We will ask members to make a personal decision pertaining to safety and to not take any risks to attend practice.

Notifications will be posted as soon as possible.  Stay tuned to your email and the Team Feed.